Collection: Anti-Static Workwear | All Cotton Workwear

A collection of 100% cotton and Anti-static treated workwear is listed in this range. Please check the specifics and that they are fit for purpose, requirements for anti-static workwear vary based on the sensitivity of the environment. For High-voltage and arc-rated workwear please see the Flame retardant workwear range. Click on each product and choose embroidery or printing to generate a competitive Workwear quote.

Can we help you with any questions? Some previously asked questions are listed below or reach out via this form, we are happy to help.

  • Is 100% cotton the same as anti static?

    All cotton products are less prone to static compared to synthetic fibres, for this reason, they are often recommended in environments where static electricity could cause a hazard.

  • Are any synthetic materials suitable for anti static environements?

    Specially treated synthetic materials can be suitable, anti-static waterproof jackets, for example, have a line of carbon (or equivalent technology) woven through to prevent static discharge. Refer to the descriptions of these products for the safety standards that they comply to for more details.

  • Is this workwear recommended for the electrical industry?

    Handling electrical components that may be damaged by static electricity would be a likely example of where this selection would be recommended. High voltage environments would likely insist on workwear that has an arc rating, listed in our Arc Rated Workwear section.