Collection: Hi Vis Fleece / Windcheaters

Embroidering or printing your hi-vis windcheaters will not only keep your employees warm but can instill trust and confidence in customers. They convey a sense of reliability and professionalism, which can positively impact the customer's perception of the company. 

Can we help you with any questions? Some previously asked questions are listed below or reach out via this form, we are happy to help.

  • What is the difference between a fleece and a windcheater?

    B-Protected: try to use the term windcheater for a smooth outer finish and fleece for a napped/fleecy finish. Some manufacturers have a different interpretation and we suggest requesting a sample of garments before embroidery/printing to ensure it meets your satisfaction.

  • How do I tell how thick the fabric is?

    We try to include as much detail in the product page and suggest visiting this. The weight of the fabric is usually listed or reach out to us for samples / help if you are putting together a uniform for your workers.

  • Should I choose printing or embroidery?

    Embroidery works best with Polar Fleece tops since printing often requires a smooth surface. We usually recommend printing when you would like your logo as large as possible on the back of a garment. Since a lot of time is required to set up this process, it is usually only cost-effective when having more than 25 garments printed.

  • Are all these fleeces and windcheaters available for pick up from your Dandenong shop?

    No, we run a range of windcheaters and fleeces in the shop but do not have every option on this page, some of the products listed are warehouse stock used for decoration or to supply bulk trade orders.

  • Do I need to have an ABN to purchase from you?

    No, we supply trade and retail customers with delivery all over Australia. Purchases can be made easily online for as little as one item.

  • Do you have items like these but with a hood?

    Yes, please visit the Hi Vis Hoodies page from the menu for all the options