Safety Boots & Work Boots

  • Do you accept purchase orders?

    We welcome purchase orders from, Schools, Colleges & Universities, ASX listed companies, and Federal, State & Local Government. Private company account customers can take advantage of streamlined benefits by opening a Trade Account.

  • Do you have discounted pricing for trade customers / larger orders?

    Yes, use our online quote feature if you are looking for multiple pairs of safety boots or have an annual requirement for safety footwear for your company. It's a simple process and we are confident you will like our competitive prcing.

  • Can you help with sizing for my employees?

    Metro Melbourne Company Fitting Service: We frequently visit companies around Metro Melbourne to help with sizing for provision of safety footwear to employee. Contact us today and make your next issue hassle free. Contact Us ->

  • What are the safety standards and certifications of safety footwear? 

    All the safety footwear products comply with the Australian and New Zealand standards for occupational protective footwear (AS/NZS 2210.3:2019). They also meet or exceed the international standards for safety footwear (EN ISO 20345:2011). Depending on the model, the safety footwear may also have additional features or certifications, such as electrical hazard resistance, slip resistance, heat resistance, or water resistance. You can find more information about the safety standards and certifications of each product on their respective product pages.

  • How do I care for and maintain my safety footwear?

    To extend the life and performance of your safety footwear, you should follow some basic care and maintenance tips. These include: cleaning your footwear regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap, drying them away from direct heat sources, applying a suitable leather conditioner or waterproofing spray, and replacing worn out or damaged parts such as insoles, laces, or zippers.

  • How do I choose the right size and width of safety footwear?

    B-Protected offers a range of safety footwear in different sizes and widths to suit different foot shapes and preferences. We try to include the manufacturers size guide when it is available with each product. You can also contact us for advice or visit our store for a personal fitting service.