Collection: Hi Vis Jackets

Adding your company logo to high visibility jackets provides a range of benefits, including enhanced safety, increased brand visibility, compliance with safety standards, team unity, and a professional image. It not only contributes to the well-being of employees but also serves as a valuable marketing tool for the company.

Can we help you with any questions? Some previously asked questions are listed below or reach out via this form, we are happy to help.

  • Do I need to work for a company to buy from you?

    No, our hi-visibility jacket range is available online to purchase in individual units with shipping all over Australia.

  • How do I tell which waterproof jackets are best?

    Jackets use two measures to show how suitable they are for working in wet weather. Waterproof to 12000mm, for example, means that the jacket can withstand the water pressure of 12000mm of water pushing down on it. When working, however, it can feel like a jacket is leaking if moisture is building up on the inside. The high-end jackets are also breathable and allow heat and moisture to escape; this is measured like this - Breathable - 3000mvp, where MVP stands for Moisture Vapor Permeability. For both measures, the higher the better.

  • Why are some jackets made from Cotton?

    Whilst not the first choice for working outside, cotton absorbs moisture and will only be considered waterproof if it is treated. Cotton jackets, however, are often in demand for industries that weld or deal with heat since any non-fire retardant-treated polyester counterparts would likely present a hazard.

  • What is the difference between jackets with reflective tape and ones without?

    High-visibility jackets for use during the day in well-illuminated environments generally do not need reflective tape. Day/Night jackets, as the name suggests, are for use when low light conditions exist (which can be during business hours in Winter)

  • What are the options for embroidery / printing?

    The options for embroidery and printing vary based on each jacket; embroidery zips to allow access to the inner layers are often needed to carry out embroidery. Printing may also not represent a viable option based on how reflective tape is positioned and what fabric the jacket is made from. We suggest using our online quote tool so that we can check what would be best to decorate your chosen garments.

  • Do you have all these products in your retail shop?

    No, we do carry a good selection of high-visibility jackets in our retail shop in Dandenong. Other items are sourced directly from the warehouse to supply bulk orders for companies.