Safety Signs


  • Why do I need safety signs?

    Ensuring workplace safety is paramount, and safety signs play a pivotal role in this regard. With our comprehensive range of safety signs, we provide high-quality safety signs designed to promote a secure environment.

  • How do I choose the right safety sign for my needs?

    From caution signs to emergency exit signs, the sign collection covers every aspect of safety protocol. You can choose the right safety sign for your needs by considering the following factors: the type and level of hazard, the location and visibility of the sign, the size and shape of the sign, the material and durability of the sign, and the relevant standards and regulations.

  • What is the availability of safety signs?

    Please note our safety signs are normally following day pick up from the Dandenong retail shop / shoproom if you are planning to visit us.

    Delivery is available Australia wide and can be selected during checkout.

  • How do I order safety signs from B-Protected?

    You can order safety signs from B-Protected by browsing through their online catalogue, selecting the products you want, adding them to your cart, and proceeding to checkout. You can also contact them by phone or email for custom orders, enquiries, or quotes. We welcome purchase orders from, Schools, Colleges & Universities, ASX listed companies, and Federal, State & Local Government. Private company account customers can take advantage of streamlined benefits by opening a Trade Account.

  • Can I get better prices for larger quantities?

    Yes! We suggest using our quote tool to select the types and quantity you require. We will then apply some discounts to your quote and provide you with some competitive pricing. You can add more safety signs, embroidered uniform, safety equipment & footwear to the quote. B-Protected pass on discounts when larger orders are placed. Getting a quote first will ensure you get the very best price we can offer.

  • What is the difference between class 1 and class 2 safety signs?

    Class 1 Reflective Signs boast premium-grade reflectivity with a distinctive honeycomb pattern. They’re essential for 24-hour visibility and are commonly used on public roads, including street signs and roadwork signage.
    Class 2 Reflective Signs are Ideal for off-road situations, Class 2 reflective signs provide high visibility in non-critical areas like work premises, carparks, and shopping centers.