Company Uniforms

B-Protected embroider and print clothing purchased from us. We have the capacity to manage jobs from 1 to 1000 units. We frequently manage jobs with a variety of products including Workwear, Hi Vis Clothing, Promotional Wear, Business Shirts and Jackets.

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How we set up your logo for embroidery - When artwork is involved we embroider your logo onto a swatch of fabric first for approval. To do this we need to set up your logo, we can work with most picture formats including .jpg .gif .png .pdf and others. As a rule of thumb, your logo needs to be of high enough quality that it can be printed the size of an a4 sheet of paper without looking blurry. This ensures that as it is digitized we get the best possible results.

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We usually recommend printing when you would like your logo as large as possible on the back of a garment. Since a lot of time is required to set up this process, it is usually only cost-effective when having more than 25 garments printed. Embroidery would be recommended for smaller jobs. It may also be wise to print a few extra if you may have new employees join who may need a couple of items of printed uniform.