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Oliver Footwear, the leading Safety Footwear Manufacturer in Australia, traces its origins to the gold mining era in the Victorian provincial city of Ballarat.

The company's founder, James Oliver, originally a bootmaker, ventured to the goldfields of Ballarat in the mid-1800s during a time when the region boasted some of the world's richest alluvial and underground mining fields. Despite an unsuccessful pursuit of gold nuggets, James returned to his trade of boot-making, a skill acquired in the U.K. In 1887, Oliver & Stevens was established, marking the beginning of the production of robust and durable boots tailored for miners and farmers

The entrepreneurial spirit that characterized the company's inception in 1887 endures today, as Oliver Footwear remains committed to manufacturing high-quality footwear. The company's philosophy emphasizes ongoing product research and development to meet the requirements of demanding workplace safety environments.

Currently, Oliver is part of Honeywell Industrial Safety, a global entity offering the most comprehensive lines of Personal Protective Solutions. Within this umbrella, Oliver stands alongside other esteemed brands, collectively encouraging workers to embrace safety autonomously.