Collection: Painters Workwear | Painters Hi Vis Clothing

Many of the popular brands have white colour options for painters and decorators. This range brings them all together for easy viewing. Clothing for painters can be decorated with your company logo for a professional image on site and when dealing with the public.

Can we help you with any questions? Some previously asked questions are listed below or reach out via this form, we are happy to help.

  • What does the add to online quote button do?

    B-Protected can offer special pricing for larger orders, if a painting company is looking for a uniform for its employees, for example, we encourage using the online quote tool so we can provide the best price.

  • What should I look for when choosing a uniform for painters?

    We usually recommend that synthetic fibres such as polyester or polyester cotton are better when working with liquids such as paint. Polyester, for example, will not absorb water based liquid, making it easier to wash clean.

  • Do you have painters workwear in your Dandenong shop?

    Some of the products on this page are warehouse stock and only sometimes available straight off the shelf from our shop/showroom. We can help at our shop/showroom with sizing to ensure you get the right fit and then place your order.