Collection: Flame Retardant Workwear | Arc Rated Workwear

A collection of Fire Retardant and arc-rated workwear is listed in this section. Please check the specifics and that they are fit for purpose; requirements for workwear vary based on the environment. Click on each product and choose embroidery or printing to generate a competitive Workwear quote.

Can we help you with any questions? Some previously asked questions are listed below or reach out via this form, we are happy to help.

  • What are the different types of flame / fire retardant workwear?

    Different levels of protection exist and should be matched to the environment for which they are being used. HRC2 (or Hazard Risk Category) is a common method used to rate workwear and includes an arc rating to ensure suitability when working near high voltages.

  • Where is a FR uniform often required?

    If we take the Flame Buster range of FR clothing as an example, this is recommended for use in Electrical, Oil, Gas and Mining industries. The potential risk of burns and other injuries in these industries are relatively high, and Flamebuster’s fire-retardant clothing can protect your workers reduce the damage. The fabrics used in these fire-retardant garments are resistant to flames and embers, and are engineered to be self-extinguishing. This means the fabric will not combust to burn if incidental ignition occurs. This feature will help to minimise the degree of burn injuries to the wearer.

  • What are the Wildland and Ranger uniforms recommended for?

    The Wildland and Ranger range is designed for rural use and protection in environments where bushfires could pose a risk.

  • What is the online quote button for?

    For bulk and trade enquiries we recommend using the online quote feature to request for a quote. For larger orders B-Protected can often pass on savings associated with efficiencies that exist when processing multiple garments at once.

  • Can you embroider / print on FR workwear

    We do have the services to embroider or print on workwear, however we approach FR workwear with caution and liase with the manufacture to ensure we do not lessen the level of protection by adding decoration

  • Who can buy these items and where do you deliver to?

    We distribute FR workwear to trade and retail customers all over Australia. We also welcome purchase orders from, Schools, Colleges & Universities, ASX listed companies, and Federal, State & Local Government. Private company account customers can take advantage of streamlined benefits by opening a Trade Account.