Office Wear - Embroidered / Printed

  • What types of business shirts do you have?

    View the range from Fashion Biz and JBs with all cotton shirts and easy care office shirts plus options to include embroidery to complete your professional image makeover.

  • Can I add my logo to jackets?

    Enhance your image and build trust when visiting customers with a company logo added to a corporate jacket. Most jackets have an internal embroidery zip so the back of the logo isnt visible through the lining. Printing is also an option for larger quantities of jackets.

  • Can I add my logo to a jumper?

    Yes! Wool mix and half zip fleece jumpers and vests provide warmth in colder months and can maintain your polished corporate image with the addition of a company logo embroidered.

  • What are the benefits of embroidered or printed office wear?

    Embroidered or printed office wear can help create a professional and consistent image for your business, as well as promote your brand and increase customer trust. It can also boost employee morale and loyalty by making them feel part of a team.

  • Can I personalise individual employee names on office wear?

    Absolutely! Personalising with employee names adds a professional touch. Provide us with the list of names, and we’ll ensure accurate placement and consistency.

  • What types of office wear can be customised?

    You can customize a wide range of office wear, including business shirts, blouses, jackets, vests, and polo shirts. These can be embroidered or printed with your company logo, employee names, or other designs.