Collection: AIW custom embroidered / printed for you

The AIW brand, caters for business that operate in rail, road transport and industry that needs well priced, hard wearing workwear. The range includes Hi-Visibility biomotion garments, for both day and night and 3m reflective tapes garments. Safety is the number 1 priority when developing Industrial work wear. AIW carries out strict tests to make sure the quality of fabrics and whether they are compliant with AS/NZS Safety Standards. Designed in “traditional” and “modern” styles, AIW delivers unmatched comfort, protection and easy fit with AIW products The range includes for both men and ladies: Hi Vis in Fleece, Jackets, Coverall, Pants, Polos, Shirts, Singlets, Vests, Polos, Safety Pants, Work Pants, Work Shirts, Overalls, Safety Pants, Work Jackets and Work Shorts.