Collection: Hi Vis Vests

The safety vest collection below can be purchased individually or a online quote can be generated for pricing with embroidery or printing. Custom printing on safety vests allows for easy identification of individuals or groups. By incorporating specific logos, names, or job titles on the vests, it becomes clear who is part of a particular team or organisation. This is particularly important in large work environments with multiple teams or contractors or for evacuation plans for identifying key personnel eg Fire Wardens.

Can we help you with any questions? Some previously asked questions are listed below or reach out via this form, we are happy to help.

  • Which safety vest do I need?

    Contact us if you are unsure; as a rough rule of thumb, day-use safety vests (no reflective tape) are suitable for well-illuminated industrial environments. Where forklift trucks or low light areas exist, a reflective safety vest should be used (referred to as day/night or reflective)

  • Why do I need a specific safety vest for working near rail?

    The Vic rail safety vest is designed to be a special orange colour to avoid confusion with rail traffic lights. The tape configuration for the rail has more reflective tape than standard reflective vests.

  • Is printing or embroidery better for safety vests?

    We usually recommend printing when you want your logo to be as large as possible on the back of a garment. Since a lot of time is required to set up this process, it is usually only cost-effective when having more than 25 garments printed. Embroidery would be recommended for smaller jobs

  • What are the minimums for ordering safety vests from you?

    Safety vests can be purchased online with as little as one unit. Embroidered safety vests can also be purchased in small quantities. printed safety vests, however often have minimum runs of around 20 units

  • What materials are safety vests usually made from?

    The most common material for safety vests is polyester due to its ability to produce highly luminescent colours with this material type. A note of caution is required since polyester is not recommended for use when welding / dealing with heat / working in antistatic environments. Often, a 100% cotton safety vest or antistatic-treated safety vest will be required for your workers.

  • Can you provide more details about your high visibility safety vests?

    Yes, of course; use the form below to let us know how we can help, and we will reply ASAP. Our online quote tool can be used for price-based enquiries; click on the image to visit the product page, where you will see an add to an online quote button.