Collection: Blundstone

Blundstone Safety Boots encompass several different series to suit different environments.

Extreme Series is for intense environments like mines and smelters, these will stand up to the abuse. Resistant to 300 degrees Celsius, these are serious boots.

Zip Up Series has the convenience of a zip but with the personal fit of laces too. Great for tradies who get their boots on and off all day.

Elastic Side Series – Pull-on, kick-off laceless convenience. Total foot safety and Blundstone comfort. These work overtime.

BOA Series – Quick closure and simple release BOA lacing system provides custom comfort. Using aircraft-grade steel laces, it’s free of the stretch, weight and pressure points of traditional closure systems.

Lace Up Series – from shoes to higher leg styles – most with steel toe caps for safety. All day comfort even on concrete.

Blundstone Gumboots – No fuss gumboots that are actually comfortable.